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Democracy Rising seeks to Bring the Troops Home, End the Occupation by Empowering Activists across the Nation Democracy Rising

A founding member of United for Peace and Justice, has been involved in opposing the war in Iraq from the beginning. The Democracy Rising peace project seeks to bring the troops home and end the occupation of Iraq by empowering activists so they cannot be ignored by decision makers in Washington, DC.

Time for a Clean Break With Israel

The ghastly human carnage at Qana, Lebanon, should awaken everyone to the grim reality that our nation’s attachment to Israel is bad news.  It entangles America in one awful mess after another:  first 9/11, then Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Lebanon.  None would have occurred if our government had refused to support Israel’s long subjugation of the Palestinians.

We All Know

We all know what we and the people of Iraq hope for, for Iraq. 

We Hope

We hope for the Iraqi military and police force to be well trained to help insure Iraq’s security. 

We Provide

We want the electrical grid and water systems to be up and running, so the people of Iraq have an uninterrupted flow of electricity and water.

We Want

We want massive reconstruction and humanitarian efforts to begin.

Can’t Say We’re Winning the Iraq War

The Associated Press reported on July 15 that the Army’s top uniformed officer said Friday July 14 he did not think the United States was losing the war in Iraq but declined to say the nation was winning. But there was more than the answer that was important.


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General Schoomaker was asked whether the military was winning in Iraq.  Schoomaker paused for a very long time, seemingly trying to figure out what to say, then he repeated the question “You ask whether we are winning?”  He paused again, then he finally said “I don’t think we are losing.” 

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Iraq Election

The U.S. backed “Independent Election Commission of Iraq” had the authority to not approve parties…

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